our history

The Bookablehood Footprint

Bookablehood Ltd was started by Mr. Stephen Okhutu with $54 (200,000UGX). This money was donated to him by his mother who by then had just come back from a hospital bed after seeing a strong determination and vision in him.

He shared the words by his mother when she was giving him the money, “I don’t know what you are going to do but when I heard the determination by which you speak, I have no doubt you will succeed. I understand it takes preparations and focus for one to achieve success and you have all these. I was going to die with this money in the house. Use it to achieve your business success.

In 2017, Mr. Stephen Okhutu who was by then working as a Radio Talk Show host presenting a business program had to resign from his job on a Local Radio Station. He also sold his Web Hosting business which he was running since 2006 to a friend who had just started a similar enterprise. The aim was to get time alone without any external interruptions to think about how to start Bookablehood Ltd. He called this “restarting my life.”

By 2018 the Idea had started to be formed. Although the pressure from family and friends was just rising resulting into family breakdown. He still did not lose focus. The pain he suffered just gave him strength and made him more focused to build this company.

After the family breakdown, he sold off his home and rented a one roomed house in Mukono. He did this to remind himself about the need to build a strong company that meets all the modern best corporate principles and practises.

To remind the company about its vision to be Africa’s market leader, he named the company’s first business “54HOMES”. This represents all the 54 African countries which at Bookablehood Ltd we call Homes.

54Homes is yet to be Africa’s largest online marketplace for budget accommodation.

October, 2018

Business idea was born

The idea to develop an online Marketplace was born

Product Development started

The development of an online marketplace for budget accommodation was started

February, 2019
April 2019

Product Demonstration

Testing 54homes started to find a product market fit

Bookablehood Ltd was incorporated

The company was incorporated as a private limited liability company

June, 2019
July, 2019

Product market Fit

The product was successfully tested and a product market fit was obtained

First Partnership

The company entered into partnership with Payline Holdingd Ltd to provide FinTech services to the 54Homes customers

July, 2019